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SWKI is the leading engineering society in the building technology field
SWKI is the competent engineering society in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary, electronic/communication technologies as well as building automation and performs a leading role in the entire building technology field.
SWKI lends its competence also to energy-political questions as well as to environmental issues. The society is the link of the building technology field between public and governmental institutions.
SWKI ensures that engineering recommendations, regulations and laws for the building technology field are generated under its active role and competence.
SWKI’s mission is to aim high regarding energy efficiency and to commit to renewable energy solutions.
SWKI is a platform for its members
SWKI supports the exchange of experience and contact with its members.
SWKI is open to companies/experts from building technology related fields.
SWKI creates policies/guidelines
SWKI generates practical recommendations and guidelines in the building technology field which take into account current knowledge and high quality.
SWKI ensures that industrial recommendations, guidelines and laws in the building technology field are constructed under the influence of its association.
SWKI helps to keep the quality on a high level and supports training and further training opportunities
SWKI creates practice related recommendations and regulations for building technology which reflect the state of the art and consist of a high quality in content.
SWKI offers its members professional and competent training opportunities.
SWKI supports training activities on all levels. Special efforts are maintained in offering training particularly in the technology sector.
SWKI is a national organisation with international connections
SWKI enables a good exchange of information and coordination with other professional organisations.
SWKI maintains contact with comparable organisations abroad.
SWKI is led by civil experts and uses its financial resources according to its objectives
It is organized to meet its professional aims and this is normally achieved by honorary commitment of its members. SWKI directs its tasks satisfactorily and ambitiously.
The SWKI aspires to a healthy financial situation to safeguard the future of the association.
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